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System Introduction
Every General has their own set of equipment, which can increases the General's attack, defense, and maximum troops in command.

Unlocking Conditions
Defeat "Tathmore" to unlock the "Equipment" system.

Quality Classification
Equipment is made up of six categories: Weapon, Armor, Mount, Gauntlets, Boots and Ring.
There are a total of 5 levels for equipment: white, blue, yellow, red and purple. Players can find higher-quality equipment as the Generals level up.

Shop Purchases
You can buy equipment in the shop. The more times the shop is refreshed, the higher the Connoisseur will be, resulting in a greater chance of showing high-level equipment.

Additional Skills
Yellow equipment and above have additional skills.
Yellow equipment can have a maximum of 1 skill, red equipment can have a maximum of 2 skills, and purple equipment can have a maximum of 3 skills without refining.


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